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The Electrical Goods Causing Serious Danger in Europe

By Kate Bell, Recall Consultant

Safety Gate (formerly the Rapid Alert System for dangerous non-food products – RAPEX) enables the quick exchange of information between 31 European countries and the European Commission about dangerous non-food products posing a risk to health and safety of consumers.

Stericycle Expert Solutions has analysed the recall of electrical products during the first three weeks of December – looking at the most common reasons why. We’ve taken a closer look at the risks these products present – and split them into categories of personal risk and environmental risk.

There are a number of risks considered that affect the safety of electrical products – including fire, shock, chemical, entrapment and strangulation, among others.

It’s important to note that these products all present a serious danger to consumers, so take appropriate action to return the item safely if you are in ownership. The full lists of recalled electrical items – including specific products, brands and barcodes – is available to view here.

So what should you be looking out for?

There was a total of fifteen electrical products recalled in the EU during the first three weeks of December, with thirteen presenting risks to personal safety, and two presenting a danger to the environment.

The top ranking reason for the recall of electrical items between 1-21 December was electric shock, with a number of different factors resulting in live parts of the recalled products becoming accessible – with increased exposure resulting in heightened risk of shock.

Items posing risk of electric shock include an Exide Jump power pack, BESTGK adapter, an electric fan, a CTC 3D printer, Kooper insect killer and Gi-Star mains extension lead.

Further risk to personal safety comes from a YBF LED-light projector, with strong laser beams potentially harming sight if viewed directly, and a WAGNER wallpaper stripper, which presents a burn risk when refilling the device with water.

The rise in the sales of e-cigarettes has also posed some potential dangers to personal safety. In December, products from two separate e-cigarette brands were recalled for chemical risk – both due to the lack of a child-proof fastening and opening mechanism, making it easy for children to access the liquid inside.

Electrical and electronic items can also be recalled for environmental risks – usually relating to potential chemical pollution from the use of hazardous substances.

Items recalled include a RCA Cable containing lead and Kanen earphones containing lead and cadmium, which are harmful for the environment when the product becomes waste. The manufacturers of both products have been ordered to remove each product from the market.

When recalling any product, it is vital for companies to have a robust recall strategy in place. Not only do items have to be handled and disposed of safely, but the wider impact on customers has to be considered, with instructions on how to return items without incurring any personal or environmental risk made clear.

For manufacturers, poor recall management can have devastating consequences on a company’s reputation, market share, and bottom line. However, when handled properly, recall events can actually increase loyalty and mitigate financial and legal risk.

Customers are able to stay up to date on product safety by registering their products with their manufacturer or by checking the latest recalls from Safety Gate.

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