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Top 5 Tips for a Successful Mock Recall

They say ‘practice makes perfect,’ and when it comes to recalls, the phrase is spot on. Some companies may include recalls in broader crisis plans, but that often means their procedures are not as robust as necessary. Mock recalls are the single best way to determine recall readiness – but only if they are well thought out and properly executed. Below are some of the top tips to follow for a successful mock recall. 1.

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Incorporating Recall Resolutions into Your 2017 Goals

Every year, business leaders set ambitious goals for their organisations. They seek to innovate, to improve awareness, to increase customer satisfaction and retention, and ultimately, to grow and expand their companies. But in the rush to pursue these resolutions, many leaders may overlook some important opportunities – or worse, run into pitfalls that could lead to additional challenges down the road.

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Q2 2016 Recall & Notification Index Shows Trends Across Industries

Recalls in the second quarter of the year were consistent with recent trends, according to the Q2 2016 European Recall & Notification Index recently released by Stericycle ExpertSOLUTIONS. In the automotive industry, Q2 saw another increase in recalls and notifications, surpassing the record set in the previous quarter. Injuries were by far the most common hazard, and air bag issues were the most common cause of passenger vehicle recalls.

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Fake Europe: The Insidious Impact of Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit goods, piracy, knock-off. Whatever term we want to use, Intellectual Property violations are growing and with every counterfeit product that reaches the market, the risk of harm, both to people and to businesses grows. A high profile case currently causing concern relates to hoverboards. These self-balancing boards which have been growing in popularity over the last few months are now being widely recalled due to safety issues, often relating to counterfeit parts.

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Managing Effective Product Recalls: Silence Isn’t Golden

By Farzad Henareh Tags: recall management, recall plan,

It might sound counterintuitive to suggest that a product recall could present an opportunity to interact more closely with customers. But for the enterprising organisation, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that, handled in the right way, a recall not only reinforces brand identity through outgoing communication, but also demands an incoming response, which helps to build a new dialogue with customers.

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