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Fake Europe: The Insidious Impact of Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit goods, piracy, knock-off. Whatever term we want to use, Intellectual Property violations are growing and with every counterfeit product that reaches the market, the risk of harm, both to people and to businesses grows. A high profile case currently causing concern relates to hoverboards. These self-balancing boards which have been growing in popularity over the last few months are now being widely recalled due to safety issues, often relating to counterfeit parts.

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Pitfalls of a Mismanaged Product Recall: A Case Study

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Companies spend years, sometimes decades, building a relationship with their customers. However, in the blink of an eye one mismanaged customer experience can change all of that hard work. For many companies, going through a product recall might seem detrimental to their image, but as this case study shows, it doesn’t have to be. A properly managed product recall can be the perfect opportunity for companies to reinforce their image and build brand loyalty.

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3 Tips to Enhancing Customer Experience During a Product Recall

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During a product recall your brand and the future of your company is on the line. The customer experience during a recall can have a huge impact on customer satisfaction and their loyalty to your brand. With such high stakes, its imperative contact centers are ready to manage the influx of calls and questions during a product recall. Good experiences with brand representatives can enhance a customer’s loyalty to your brand; however, negative experiences can reach far beyond the affected customers.

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Recall Notification: Combating Recall Fatigue

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By: Chris Harvey Consumers Brushing Off Recalls In the summer months, consumer spending on outdoor toys and furniture, sun and insect protection, and swim accessories skyrockets. When the demand is high, so is the attention of consumers. But issues don’t always arise during the summer months and recalls that occur in the off-season can be a tricky proposition.

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Ineffective Recall Notification: Beware of That Yard Sale

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Recall Notification Complication With spring cleanup comes yard and estate sales by the dozen. The urge to purge leads many of us to haul stuff from attics and basements, set up displays on the front yard and post signs up and down our street. The trouble is that recalled products abound in the second hand market. As noted in a recent

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