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Connected Complexity: IoT Enabled Products Deliver Risks as Well as Benefits

In 2016 there were approximately 17.68 billion connected devices globally and predictions suggest that this could grow fourfold by 2025, but these devices also come with potentially serious drawbacks. Stericycle ExpertSOLUTIONS looks at this trend in its recently released Recall Industry Spotlight. The biannual report, which examines trends in specific industries, found that as more connected and Internet of Things-enabled devices are integrated into our lives, security and safety concerns become more urgent.

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Hoverboard Safety Fears Lead to Mass Recalls in the UK

Hoverboards were the must have products at the end of 2015. Now, however, many have been subject to recall. Injuries have been reported across Europe and throughout the world as some boards have burst into flames. This has led to the discovery of faulty cut-off switches which can lead to explosions and, at the very least, a lack of compliance with required technical standards.

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European Vehicle Recalls Multiply: it’s Voluntary, Auto Makers put Customer Safety First

2014 marked a big increase in vehicle recalls across Europe: a 22% rise over the previous year and the majority originating in Germany and the UK. There is a growing trend in Europe for car manufacturers to adopt a more proactive strategy and voluntarily begin the recall process.

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Product Safety and the Classification Conundrum

In the complicated global supply chain, all stakeholders, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and regulators must take ownership for product safety. It is not unusual to see technology companies recalling products for a range of reasons, but one of the most challenging to manage is the discrepancies in product classification. Products across all sectors from consumer goods to food are subject to recalls. At Stericycle ExpertSOLUTIONS we publish a quarterly

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Clarifying Responsibility with Consumer Safety

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The consumer safety ecosystem is a large and complex group of players, each with its own role. From manufacturers to regulators, an array of stakeholders work to perform tasks that will contribute to improving consumer safety and keeping hazardous products off shelves. With so many moving parts, it can be hard to determine who owns what piece of the puzzle and in some cases, there can be overlap with multiple parties looking to ensure certain aspects of consumer safety are met. The

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