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Insult to Injury: 2016 finishes on a positive note in auto space despite setting recall record

Stericycle ExpertSOLUTIONS recently released the figures from its final Recall Index of 2016, which showed auto recalls and notifications in Europe dropped 7% over the previous quarter. Despite this decline, Q4 2016 figures were still higher than any quarter from 2013 to 2015 and further added to what was already a record year for auto recalls. The total number of automotive recall events in 2016 was 415, a jump of 76% over auto recalls in 2015, and the highest number ever recorded since the RAPEX rapid alert system began.

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Making Recalls a Change Agent for Good

With one in ten vehicles affected by a recall of some kind, the process has become almost commonplace in recent years for a host of reasons. On the one hand manufacturers are becoming much more proactive, entering into voluntary recalls and showing real leadership when it comes to tackling safety issues that could affect consumers. On the other, however, the growing use of common parts across multiple model lines and often by multiple car manufacturers, means that the numbers of affected vehicles can be substantial if a component part fails.

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Connected Vehicles: Set to Increase Auto Recalls?

By Farzad Henareh Tags: auto recalls, recall plan,

Everywhere you look there’s a buzz around connected vehicles from Google’s driverless cars to the trials that will take place on HGV trucks with technology that enables them to move in a convoy just metres apart. The benefits are clear: delivery times will shorten, fuel costs will be reduced and environmental congestion will be positively impacted.

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Putting Auto Recalls Into Context

As cars become more sophisticated and the number of components increases, so too does the potential for faults. Our Q4 2015 Index shows that automotive recalls in Europe increased by 16%, which reflects the exponential rate of recalls over the last three years. But whilst this results in more scrutiny from consumers and regulators, it’s also important to look at auto recalls in context.

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The Connected Car Conundrum

By Barry Nielsen Tags: auto recalls,

Are the mod cons blinding us to potential safety issues? The pace of change in vehicle technology is fast and furious, with connectivity in cars growing rapidly and software now accounting for around a quarter of the cost of building a vehicle. Connected car features range from safety management enhancements such as road condition alerts and approaching hazards through to entertainment apps for streaming and built in windscreen-display navigation services.

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