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Quality Audit

Product Quality Audit

It’s surprisingly easy to lose touch with customers in an ever-changing world and continually fluctuating market. Many businesses forget to keep their focus on the customer to ensure they really are delivering on their brand promise.

Consider the situation of a chocolate company having recently carried out its own internal quality assessments to monitor age, freshness and product rotation. However, the company craves a more effective, in-depth solution to capture data across a huge range of geographical markets and store environments. This company understood that careful and thoughtful maintenance is required to keep customer satisfaction high. They also appreciated the importance of uncovering accurate customer perceptions of the brand and product.

Stericycle ExpertSOLUTIONS developed a uniquely tailored freshness study programme to capture and analyse data at the point of sale at 2,750 carefully selected outlets in five European markets. Expert auditors designed a structured, customer-friendly plan to capture insightful and actionable data with granular reporting that facilitated easy follow-up. The team also enabled the client to include additional data points throughout the course of the programme, helping the brand grow and benefit from an insightful and uniquely individual journey.

Stericycle provides a seamless, single point of contact — something existing clients cherish. Expert teams are equipped with the tools, and expertise to develop effective in-house product quality audits. Stericycle works with many FMCG companies to provide invaluable insights captured globally in real-time, with in-store assessments ranging from:

• Product freshness
• Age studies
• Package and product quality
• Shelf positioning
• Labeling
• Date code compliance
• Product placement
• Checking lot codes
• Food and safety standards
• Competitor presence and monitoring

Stericycle also provides an unparalleled, in-depth view into compliance and regulatory standards by identifying any stores that do not comply with organisational merchandising and product quality or procedural regulations.

These proven quality processes ensure accurate and insightful data from the field, while a database of over 10,000 international field reps from diverse backgrounds can reach thousands of stores across the globe. These capabilities help ensure both local and multinational coverage, regardless of product or need. The screened and certified field force benefits from industry-leading, customised training and their in-depth evaluations reduce both employee costs and travel expenses.