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Complaint Handling

According to a recent survey by BBC News, more than half of respondents would complain all or most of the time if they were unhappy with a product — an increase of 18 percent in just five years. Four out of five customers would spread the word if a complaint had been handled badly, however nearly all customers would recommend a company to their friends if a complaint had been resolved efficiently.

Ineffective complaint handling plagues modern businesses and can seriously affect customer relationships and overall satisfaction with a brand. Consumer law is constantly evolving as customers are getting smarter and more demanding in their expectations. Coupled with the fact that the internet and social media sites provide such ruthless coverage of consumer complaints, it is more important than ever for businesses to remain on their toes and project openness and accountability. After all, poorly managed complaints are often well publicised, as is the damage such handling can cause to a brand’s image and reputation.

Effective management of consumer complaints requires a demonstration of a brand’s commitment and a sensitive, urgent reaction. Stericycle Expert Solutions embraces consumer complaints as opportunities to help build customer relationships and turn negative experiences into positive, constructive events that build loyalty. Clear strategic processes ensure swift, compassionate and effective handling of all complaints. Our agents know the importance of listening to customers and understanding why they’re unhappy, while also keeping them informed until the problem is resolved. Stericycle helps companies transform unhappy customers into loyal brand advocates.

State-of-the-art multilingual, multichannel contact centres and a global base of specially trained field representatives stand ready to handle sensitive complaints and queries. Because truly effective complaint handling takes a special kind of person and regular training, Stericycle invests in people, employing and teaching the very best to uphold a commitment to excellence. State-of-the-art technological advancements and smart-routing help Stericycle provide a convenient, personalised and compassionate response for every customer.

Our innovative real-time speech analytics help identify and diffuse tense customer service situations. In these high-pressure moments, our dedicated in-house service can collect sensitive product from customer homes on a brand’s behalf. Consistent 48 hour turnaround time helps Stericycle protect the brand by ensuring swift recovery of affected items, and, when necessary, expedite delivery to a third party for testing and investigation.

Identifying the root cause of consumer dissatisfaction serves as an important preventative measure, thus all complaints are recorded for thorough analysis and compliance purposes. Monitoring of social media sites, extensive research and outbound communications also help identify unexpressed complaints and control future problems while managing costs. Effectively handled complaints reduce the risk of lost revenue as well as bad publicity.

Successful brands show customers they can be trusted to resolve their dissatisfaction. These brands make it clear that they are listening to and understanding each complaint. Stericycle helps brands demonstrate this vital commitment.