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Multichannel Contact Centre

Strengthening Customer Relationships

Eighty-eight percent of businesses believe that they are delivering an ‘excellent’ customer experience, while only eight percent of customers actually agree, according to a recent survey by NICE Global Customer Experience.

Doing business with the next generation of customer in a rapidly evolving multimedia ecosystem presents unique challenges and opportunities.

Communication and product challenges are a part of everyday business. As a pioneer in the field of customer experience, Stericycle Expert Solutions can ensure complete control of this aspect of business. Our team understands the importance of reputation and takes pride and care in differentiating brands and delivering competitive advantage.

Multichannel Contact Centre

Our multichannel contact centre solutions offer a professional and insightful opportunity to grow and strengthen customer relationships, while also increasing revenue and reducing costs. Capabilities include:

• Multichannel (web/phone/email/SMS)
Communicating with customers via their favourite channels demonstrates technological forward thinking. This kind of targeted communication also illustrates an ability to listen to and truly understand each customer’s individual requirements using the channel they are most comfortable with.

• Social Media
An expert grasp on social media not only protects a brand by providing a greater understanding of its public image, but also strengthens the bond with customers by communicating with them via channels mostly reserved for personal use. Stericycle puts the brand at the forefront of the customer’s mind, whether they are on the go or relaxing at home.

• Outbound Calling
Customers will often hang up or become angry when receiving a cold call, leaving them with a negative experience that can threaten brand loyalty. Stericycle handles outbound campaigns with the highest level of competence. Our multilingual capabilities and customised scripting services help transform warm leads into profitable sales and brand advocates.

• Real-time Speech Analytics & Recognition
Utilising the latest technology helps structure customer interactions and analyses communications as they happen to determine the next best action. State-of-the-art software generates actionable feedback for the brand, quickly flagging an unhappy customer and even highlighting sales opportunities.

• Recording
To enforce the highest possible standards on a brand’s behalf, all channels are recorded for training, quality and legal purposes.

• Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Utilising an interactive voice response system effectively streamlines all customer enquiries to get straight to the point and provides a more efficient and convenient experience.

• Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)
To make sure customers are never kept waiting, our automatic call distributor quickly and efficiently routes traffic based on customer need, type and agent skill. Regardless of the affected industry, Stericycle ensures that the right agent is on the job every time.

• Surveys
Our custom surveys vastly increase response rates and provide a much broader understanding of what each customer really feels and wants.

Greater Flexibility

Through a uniquely personalised experience, customers receive the freedom and convenience of contacting highly trained agents through a number of channels, including web-chat, email and SMS. Our skills-based smart-routing and monitoring process ensures customers have a unified, streamlined engagement with the brand. Additionally, as business peaks and dips throughout the course of the year, Stericycle also offers overflow support should an existing contact centre require more capacity.

With the recent rise in non-voice based communication, many companies feel daunted at the prospect of stepping onto social media platforms. Stericycle provides the stability to help clients reach out to new customers, while simultaneously strengthening existing relationships.

Trained agents can respond to posts and tweets within minutes, presenting a fantastic opportunity to more effectively manage brand image while ensuring that customers have a positive experience with the brand.

Improved Insight

Nearly half of customers prefer online service to phone service, and today the majority of consumers favour a tablet or smart phone. Tapping into this wealth of customer feedback and customer habit information fosters a deeper understanding of their wants and needs.

To further increase the customer experience, our real-time speech analytics and access to customer communication history equips our agents with a pre-emptive sense of these needs from multiple sources, all of which can be fully integrated with any CRM technology already in place. Stericycle tailors these reports, providing invaluable insights into patterns and correlations in customer behaviour and satisfaction.

Increased Revenue & Reduced Costs

Because business peaks and subsides throughout the course of the year, Stericycle also offers overflow support should an existing contact centre require more capacity. Whether simply supporting or co-managing customer communications, the insights gained provide brands with enlightening research and the tools to help carve new inroads with customers. In addition to inbound lines and outbound campaigns, multichannel solutions allow specialist agents to ‘co-browse’ sites with the customer, boosting sales effectiveness and the opportunity for up-sell.

Our smart-routed, time-efficient technology means reduced agent talk-time and faster resolution rates. These techniques ensure not only a happy customer, but also increased revenue per contact. It is precisely this heightening of the customer experience that transforms customers into loyal brand advocates.