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Automotive Recall Management

"A mishandled public response can cause more damage than the problem it addresses in the first place."

~ Nirmalya Kumar, Professor of Marketing, London Business School

Mishandled recalls cost businesses dearly and compromise a brand’s promises. However, handling a recall tactfully and effectively can make a brand even stronger.

The ruthlessly in-depth coverage that internet and social media sites quickly generate during a recall show the need for rapid, positive and decisive action. Taking responsibility as a brand and ensuring the delivery of open, honest and empathetic communication to affected customers is critical.

With over 25 years of extensive automotive recall experience, Stericycle Expert Solutions not only limits the damage a recall could have on a brand’s reputation, but also delivers a positive customer experience that strengthens brand loyalty. Our dedicated team currently works with 14 manufacturers, and has managed some of the biggest and most high profile recalls in automotive history — as many as 1.2 million vehicles in a 12-month period. VOSA (the UK Government’s Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) recognised these proven processes as an example for other service providers of industry best practices.

Good automotive recall strategies ensure every aspect of the recall is handled, including data processing, hosting and improving completion rates through the intelligent use of data and data exchange with top fleets helps ensure all affected customers are contacted in a quick and efficient manner.

Fleet Management

In the event of a recall, a state-of-the-art data exchange process allows Stericycle to care for and communicate directly with fleet customers. This process reduces administration time for fleets, and through access to the recall-reporting suite, fleets are equipped with state-of-the-art tools to monitor any outstanding vehicle recalls.

Print & Fulfillment

Designed for any network and parts capacity, and any size or phasing of mailing, our fully managed, print and fulfilment service produces personalised customer letters that clearly explain the recall and outline required actions. Expert teams manage the printing of branded recall stationery, which comes complete with tailored response slips for tracking changes in vehicle ownership and completion of recall work.

Response Handling

Today’s consumers respond through numerous channels of communication, but expert teams provide customers with a seamless service and brand experience by carefully managing all forms of response.

Our database refreshes customer data, keeping up to date information on address changes and vehicle ownership. Custom letters can even be dispatched to new houses and owners if recall work remains outstanding, and goodwill gifts can be sent to relevant customers.

Waste Management

Post event clean-up also needs to be managed to ensure compliance with local regulations. With over 10 years of specialist waste management experience, Stericycle is continually investing in and developing inventive new ways to collect, recycle and securely dispose of automotive waste to reduce both costs and carbon footprint.


Stericycle Expert Solutions provides manufacturers, fleets and dealers with an exciting array of real-time online reporting tools. These innovative tools provide the power to view owner and vehicle details online, campaign completion reports and a host of other in-depth information, including parts analysis prior to a campaign commencing. Also available, parts allocation ordering and reporting ensures that a network is ready to meet the recall demand.