Retain Food & Beverage Customers

Boost your relationships with end customers and achieve your ROI targets with our food product marketing and mystery shop solutions.

Retention services for food businesses

Raise food customer retention and increase ROI from limited budget or resource. We assess customer satisfaction and product display effectiveness, through mystery shopping, to increase email CTR and motivate buying behaviour.

See how we protect customer retention with our food product marketing solutions.

Make a positive impression with our highly trained contact agents, who will represent your brand on both inbound and outbound calls.

Trained for excellent customer experiences

According to NICE Global Customer Experience, while 88% of businesses believe they deliver ‘excellent’ customer experience only 8% of customers agree.

Our highly trained contact agents can provide excellent customer experiences for your business. From visiting manufacturing sites to studying your company heritage, they have career-driven goals to represent your brand authentically.

By understanding your brand, product and consumers intrinsically, our contact agents speak to prospective customers as you would yourself.

Multi-lingual and multi-channel engagements

We use a fully integrated and highly customisable contact centre platform to deliver high quality, consistent home worker solutions for our clients.

Our sales call services can help increase revenue without compromising on your brand values through:

  • Outbound calls and email
  • Multi-lingual call agents

By speaking to prospective customers in their preferred language, our agents could help your brand to reach new markets and build lasting relationships.

Secure and compliant prospect data processing

Rest assured that our call recording and customer data storage and processing is carried out in complete compliance with GDPR. Whether for inbound and outbound call centre services, we can help increase revenue and sell as your brand.

With decades of recall communications experience in global industries such as automotive, food, consumer goods and pharmaceuticals, we are also aware of specific industry requirements in these areas.

Partnering with your brand

We take a consultative approach when planning sales call services with our clients and seek to:

  • Pair you with highly trained and career-driven agents
  • Assign agents with the language skills you require
  • Provide a personal experience for customers
  • Deliver a unified, streamlined engagement with your brand
  • Transform warm leads into profitable sales and brand advocates
  • Increase revenue and reduce costs

We can help your organisation to experience your products as consumers do, bringing new marketing insights.

Define the customer experience

Our mystery shopping and quality audit services let you perform detailed validation for your products.

How are products stored, merchandised and experienced by customers? Do these meet the required internal and regulator standards? What is the experience for competing products? 

By mapping strengths and weaknesses you can ensure internal and regulatory compliance, differentiate products from competitors and, ultimately, protect and enhance your brand.

We can help you to benchmark, validate and evolve operations to improve your customer retention rates. 

See branded products as customers do

Mystery shopping provides valid, accurate field data so that your organisation can benchmark its performance and evolve.

Gain covert insight into any aspect of product quality, packaging, positioning or customer service. We can customise mystery shopping for areas ranging from alcohol and tobacco to movie ratings and cosmetics. Ask us for examples from your sector.

With over 10,000 international field representatives we can arrange for mystery shopping visits worldwide.

Give products and processes a quality audit

Understand and enhance the product quality with our quality audit services. We can help you to:

  • Evaluate compliance
  • Confirm that internal quality standards are upheld
  • Ensure that crucial governmental regulations are met
  • Protect and enhance your brand
  • Explore areas for improvement
  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Differentiate your business

Keep quality integral to business

Stericycle Expert Solutions have conducted over 4 million mystery shops across the world in countless industries and sectors.

We have access to 10,000 field representatives, able to perform the quality audits tailored to your requirements.

Use our mystery shopping and audit services to ensure you deliver the product quality you expect, and define the future for your business.

Our strategic email campaign design can boost CTR to increase programme ROI for your food product marketing activity.

Boost CTR and ROI in your email campaigns

Contact customers at the times and places when they’re more likely to engage and take action. Our email marketing service helps organisations to increase click-through rate, not merely open rate, improving ROI for email campaigns and programmes.

We developed our bespoke smart email tools specifically for global automotive brands, and can now deliver results for manufacturers, retailers and dealer networks.

Fully integrated email marketing services

Our email marketing service can help you to:

  • Design, host, integrate and manage emails, databases and systems
  • Send tactical, event-triggered and lifestyle emails
  • Integrate with your existing systems
  • Manage data securely
  • Gain trend insight and track consumer behaviour
  • Identify up and cross-selling opportunities, where appropriate
  • Increase conversion rates and hit programme ROI targets

Email Consultation

Stericycle Expert Solutions provide a marketing solution that goes beyond merely sending emails to your customers. We offer a consultation service to evaluate your data and analyse customer trends. 

If your email marketing programme is not achieving the results your business expects, then our consultation service can help turn this around. We work closely with you to understand what is influencing customer behaviour, enabling you to gain greater value from your database. Our clients have found that insightful use of data results in their email marketing campaigns delivering increased click-through rates and greater ROI.

Results that speak for themselves

Help your organisation deliver on email campaigns to boost customer experience metrics and increase ROI for your business.

Our average annual email results:

  • 20 million+ emails sent
  • 99.03% delivery rate
  • 25.35% open rate
  • 4.39% click through rate (CTR)
  • ROI of £39.16 per £1 invested

Improve on food customer retention for your organisation with our customer monitoring and satisfaction solutions.

Gain actionable customer insights

Customer loyalty relies on customer satisfaction. We enable organisations to gain insights into their customers, make adjustments and grow brand loyalty.

We can use our extensive Customer Service Index (CSI) experience, to help you identify opportunities for improvement and flag dissatisfied customers at the earliest stages.

By carefully monitoring customer satisfaction, businesses can improve products and services. This, in turn, encourages loyalty from customers, clients and partners in the supply chain.

Tools and talents to confirm customer satisfaction

Stericycle Expert Solutions have the people and technology to assess client satisfaction - with multi-lingual capability in over 25 languages - improve ROI and protect and enhance your brand.

  • Identify opportunities to improve
  • Identify the key drivers for customer satisfaction
  • Utilise data from multiple sources
  • Highlight and map opportunity
  • Drive business potential and customer advocacy
  • Understand future customers

Turn customer satisfaction into customer loyalty

As a global product recall partner, we’ve built strong partnerships across industries and along supply chains. From high street retailers and restaurants, to automotive dealer networks, to pharmaceutical supply chains and more.

Utilise our position in the industry to enhance your loyalty programmes.

We can help with the management and distribution of loyalty discounts, cards, vouchers, bonuses, gifts, add-ons and special pricing.

Make satisfaction integral to brand

Use our customer satisfaction and customer loyalty services to ensure your business stays relevant for consumers, clients and supply chain partners.

Learn more about your customers and bring these insights into your brand and marketing decisions.

With our multi-channel, multi-lingual contact centre, and powerful event-triggered email deployment systems we have the tools to increase customer loyalty.

Contact us and retain more customers

We’re here to help you with all aspects of food and beverage customer retention. Protect your business and brand with our integrated solutions.


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