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Advance customer experience with our premium inbound, outbound and omni-channel consumer call centre solutions.

Enhance consumer care

Use our expertise to access new consumer market areas and advance the quality of your customer care.

See how we enhance call centre operations for consumer businesses.

Redefine what's possible for your customer experience - and success metrics - with our inbound call centre. We can provide a seamless service.

Deep immersion in your brand

We train our call agents to understand your consumer brand and product intrinsically, responding to customers as you would yourself. From visiting manufacturing sites to studying your company heritage, our agents have career-driven goals to represent your brand authentically.

We also provide a dedicated account manager who focuses on your business objectives and opportunities.

Consistently high quality service

Our unique mix of people and technology help consumer businesses gain the flexibility of home workers with the quality of an in-house solution.

Collectively, our contact agents speak dozens of languages to represent brands consistently across countries and cultures. While interactive voice response (IVR) and automatic call distributor (ACD) technologies enable them to respond to calls quickly and effectively. And to help you ensure crucial data is relayed successfully, we can implement transaction models that enhance and refine your service.

Solution designed uniquely around you

Achieving your consumer call centre objectives, such as increasing customer loyalty, is paramount for us - even as these requirements change over time.

By taking a consultative, partnership approach we continually learn about your business, culture and operations. This approach allows us to adjust and streamline our processes, and add further omni-channel and outbound services when you need them.

As your call centre partner we can help provide innovative solutions and Business Analytics to drive growth and future-proof your contact centre.

Make a positive impression with our highly trained contact agents, who will represent your brand on outbound calls.

Trained for excellent customer experiences

According to NICE Global Customer Experience, while 88% of businesses believe they deliver ‘excellent’ customer experience only 8% of customers agree.

Our highly trained contact agents can provide excellent customer experiences for your business. From visiting manufacturing sites to studying your company heritage, they have career-driven goals to represent your brand authentically.

By understanding your brand, product and consumers intrinsically, our contact agents speak to prospective customers as you would yourself.

Multi-lingual and multi-channel engagements

We use our fully integrated and highly customisable contact centre platform to deliver high quality, consistent home worker solutions for our clients.

Our outbound call services can help increase revenue without compromising on your brand values through:

  • Outbound calls and emails
  • Multi-lingual call agents

By speaking to prospective customers in their preferred language, our agents could help your brand to reach new markets and build lasting relationships.

Secure and compliant prospect data processing

Rest assured that our call recording and customer data storage and processing is carried out in complete compliance with GDPR. Whether for inbound and outbound call centre services, we can help increase revenues and engage new audiences as your brand.

With decades of recall communications experience in global industries such as automotive, food, consumer goods and pharmaceuticals, we are also aware of specific industry requirements in these areas.

Partnering with your brand

We take a consultative approach when planning sales call services with our clients and seek to:

  • Pair you with highly trained and career-driven agents
  • Assign agents with the language skills you require
  • Provide a personal experience for customers
  • Deliver a unified, streamlined engagement with your brand
  • Transform warm leads into profitable sales and brand advocates
  • Increase revenue and reduce costs

Transform how your organisation engages with customers across channels.

Excellent people for omni-channel success

Whether your business needs live chat support, social media engagement or simple email handling, you will also need people who know how to deliver excellent customer experiences.

Stericycle Expert Solutions invest in the personal development of our call agents to provide this excellence. By helping them to create long and fulfilling careers, they are driven to improve on the services we offer our clients. This enthusiasm and dedication is felt in whichever channels they use to engage customers.

Bespoke mix of technology partners

Our core inbound call centre operations - and experience in implementing transactional models - help us ensure we never lose track of the personal connection essential for excellent customer experience. From this state-of-the art contact centre platform, we can integrate with technology partners to manage the communication channels you require.

By taking a consultative and supplier-agnostic approach, we can help you define and execute the omni-channel mix most relevant for your consumers.

Seamless integration with Stericycle services

Many clients engage Stericycle Expert Solutions to plan and execute product recalls, and to retain their valued customers.

Access our considerable experience serving the consumer products industry to:

  • Set up toll-free recall numbers and microsites
  • Manage active recall and clean-up
  • Measure exposure and help protect brand value
  • Retain customers and clients with direct marketing solutions
  • Comply with regulations

Contact us and enhance customer care

We’re here to help you with all aspects of customer care. Protect your business and brand with our integrated solutions.


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