Quality manufacturing the focus as auto recalls spike

Quality manufacturing the focus as auto recalls spike

Posted: by Stericycle on Aug 09, 2019

Vehicle recalls can sometimes be like – if you forgive the rather banal link – buses; nothing for ages then a whole load come along at once.

And so it has been over recent weeks with a noticeable increase in motoring recall notifications due to a swathe of manufacturing issues.

When it comes to motor vehicles, failures in critical components can have very serious consequences, including accidents involving other motorists or pedestrians.

So it can be surprising when recalls are made for what appears to be the most basic fault or oversight.

One manufacturer of a pickup truck, for example, discovered that the running boards were not affixed properly to the vehicle, which could then detach when the vehicle is in motion. Similarly, the manufacturer of a sports car found the rear spoiler was mounted on the vehicle – but it wasn’t screwed in, while another hadn’t tightened the wheel nuts properly.

In both circumstances, for the customer especially, it can be very difficult to appreciate how such errors can happen, especially when the consequences could be so dire for other motorists and other road users.

Such issues can and should be picked up at the manufacturing stage – but we have to remind ourselves that people are fallible, so having measures in place to swiftly handle a recall before any damage is done is absolutely crucial.

Of course, vehicles are complicated machines, so the recalls aren’t limited to what could be described as ‘catchable’ issues. For the manufacturer of a car that had a defect with a plastic brush holder in the break assembly picked it up within months of the car going on the market.

Swift action to recall the vehicle from end users doesn’t just protect the brand in such circumstances – it can save lives. Even if you don’t think you need it, having a situation such as this arise can happen, so having a recall partner in place and ready to react at short notice can be the difference between inconvenience and disaster.