First ever product recalled over user data fears

First ever product recalled over user data fears

Posted: by Stericycle on Feb 12, 2019

This month [February 2019] saw the European Commission order the recall of a children’s smartwatch because of data protection concerns – the first recall of its kind, ever.

This particular product was thought to pose a serious risk to children, leaving then open to being located and potentially attacked.

As part of its recall procedure, the Commission instructed public authorities across Europe to recall the Enox Safe-Kid-One from all end users. Complete with a GPS system, microphone,  speakers and an app which allows parents to learn their child’s whereabouts and contact them, many parents thought the product was the answer to their worries.

In 2017, data security experts ran a series of tests on the product, which looked at how it tracked users and how the data was encrypted. Their findings showed shortcomings in the encryption, which made it relatively simple for the device to be hacked.

While the creators of the device have deemed the EC’s actions to be excessive, we as recall experts believe that consumer response in this particular occasion will be high.

Parents and guardians will take this recall seriously. Data protection has been big news for over a decade. Banks and major online service providers have had to work and invest hard in technology that serves to protect their customers’ data.

Trust in tech safety – namely cyber security and AI – continues to be a focus following reports of data-breaches in big businesses across the world.

Similarly changes to GDPR legislation, which came into effect in May 2018, heightened awareness of data breaches and saw business leaders everywhere invest in their data infrastructure, cloud storage policies and procedures.

For the first time data strategies sat at the very top of the boardroom agenda because the impact of neglect threatened to result in fines of up to 4% of a company’s worldwide turnover or 20million Euros.

I anticipate that we will be seeing a lot more of data related recalls in the coming months.