Recall Food & Beverage Products

Bring our experience from thousands of food recalls into your business - for live recall support and food product recall consulting.

Recall services tailored to your needs

Make informed recall decisions with cost/brand perception insights. Consolidate customer data, minimise contact centre disruption and retrieve products safely across territories to satisfy regulators.

See how we protect brands before, during and after a food recall.

Our food recall consulting gives businesses the tools and certainty to act decisively when food recalls are required.

Prepare for food product recall with 4Sight

Make sure your organisation has the right experience, people and plan in place.

We identify key team members and functions to prepare you for all likely contingencies and close performance gaps.

Whether you are a grower, processor, manufacturer or distributor, our food recall consulting helps protect your brand and relationships. 

Expect the unexpected and plan ahead

Despite intensive product testing procedures, recalls are often unavoidable. Plan ahead to avoid damage to your reputation, customer loyalty and bottom line.

Ensure that contingency plans are effective before an issue arises. Test your organisation, people and procedures with a thorough mock recall to assess decision making, logistics and response process effectiveness.

Implement strategy and act fast

Communication is key. Notify consumers across multiple channels to increase engagement. Provide a single, controlled source of information online. Ensure that customer data remains confidential. Trace deliveries directly and record safety alert procedures.

Robust recall and contingency plans allow you to manage a recall event effectively. Locate recalled products quickly for effective removal. Mitigate financial and legal risk, increase customer loyalty and avoid irreparable brand damage.

Customised 4Sight programmes

We tailor our 4Sight services to suit your company size, territories, food industry and regulatory requirements. Service options include:

  • Service Level Agreement for swift, global recall response
  • Direct access to our 24/7 recall hotline
  • GAP analysis of existing recall operating procedures
  • Specialist legal advice
  • Onsite mock recall support up to 1.5 days, with up to 24 hours of expert services
  • Contact centre setup for IVR, call routing, agent recruitment and training, with toll free numbers held for 2 years
  • Recall microsite and landing page development
  • Direct links with your regulatory body

Communicate your food recall effectively to reduce risk and show regulators that you protect your customers.

Take positive action fast

News of a recall spreads rapidly across the internet and social media. By handling food product recall notices with tact and speed, we can help your brand emerge stronger.

Take positive decisive action and show all customers, not just those affected, that your food and beverage brand is open, honest and caring.

Contact centre and messaging support

We can provide:

  • Multi-channel notifications within 24 hours
  • Custom 24/7 toll-free helpline
  • Multi-lingual agents with a consistent message
  • A single source of contact to keep customers safe
  • Positive customer experiences for brand loyalty

Ensure customer data compliance

Our contact centre and databases are fully GDPR-compliant in terms of our customer data storage and processing.

By ensuring that our contact centre processes are fully-documented, we can help your business demonstrate this data compliance for your quality reporting.

Consistent 24/7 communication

Lines of communication must be open at all times. Messaging must be clear, consistent and demonstrate concern.

Those that engage an experienced partner ensure all the bases are covered. Those that don’t could amplify the risks. And when it comes to a product recall, every second counts.

We can provide hands-on support for your food recall, to bring affected products back for recorded disposal.

Safe and efficient retrieval

We help you make intelligent use of data to retrieve food and beverage products safely and efficiently. Even for products being used within other products.

Our experience in the food and beverage industry, working with manufacturers, regulators and retailers across Europe, means we can advise on the best course of action and carry it out for you. This helps you to protect your brand and bottom line as well as collaborate with regulators.

Data-based approach

Ensure that non-affected products remain on sale. While grocers and food retailers are adept at removing affected products from stock rooms and cold chain, there is a risk that unaffected products may also be taken off display.

We can mobilise up to 18,000 global field force representatives to isolate and remove affected products from the supply chain, and to ensure that your unaffected products remain available.

Retrieval for grocers

Retailers who make their own food under private labels are held to the same standards as manufacturers.

As an experienced solutions provider, Stericycle understands regulatory nuances and provides invaluable insight into the recall process, helping retailers quickly and efficiently execute recalls, while simultaneously protecting their brand.

Retrieval for manufacturers

Complex supply chains and industry regulations mean that food manufacturers need unparalleled experience, field-based services and data-driven technology.

We can help you to satisfy regulatory obligations, check on-site effectiveness and monitor product handling requirements. And our state-of-the-art communication centre provides seamless communication with affected parties throughout the entire supply chain.

Demonstrate that your food or beverage recall has been conducted and reported correctly to regulators.

Document and audit product recalls

Handle food recalls with rigour, as well as haste, and report confidently to regulators.

We document each step of a recall to help ensure regulatory reporting and compliance. We can also quality audit specific products and competing brands in retail, wholesale and non-traditional outlets.

Prove recall effectiveness to regulators

Manufacturers are not only responsible for the problems that lead to a recall, but for the effectiveness of the recall itself.

Countless data points must be captured, organised and reported in order to provide the most complete liability protection.

Our proprietary product recall technology simplifies this process. We can track these details to mitigate risk, protect against fines and lawsuits, and accelerate your recall resolution.

Processing and disposal

Thanks to our decades of experience in product recall, we can often suggest creative alternatives to disposal. This may be as simple as recycling materials or identifying sustainable solutions to reduce environmental impact.

And you can be assured that we will dispose of all waste securely in a controlled environment that accounts for each and every affected product retrieved. We ensure that affected product never makes it back to the supply chain and can provide witnessed destruction whenever required – whether by your company or by regulators.

Regulatory expertise

Over the course of thousands of successful recalls, we have developed expertise and effective working relationships with the regulators keeping a watchful eye on your industry.

We work directly with agencies including:

  • The European Commission
  • Trading Standards Institute (TSI)
  • National health regulatory agencies
  • Local and international regulators

Contact us and protect your brand

We’re here to help you with all aspects of food and beverage product recall. Protect your business and brand with our integrated solutions.


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