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Food & Beverage

Partnering with you when speed and quality matter most.

An effective product recall quickly removes impacted products

from shelves and restores consumer confidence. Growers, processors, manufacturers, and distributors rely on Stericycle’s comprehensive infrastructure and industry-leading expertise to remove products from shelves and worries from consumers’ minds.

Recall Management for Grocers

Removing all affected product from store shelves is a crucial step during a food-related recall. If not executed properly, this step can expose a grocer to potential litigation and brand damage. Retailers can ensure the quick removal of all affected products from stores by proactively defining a recall management process before any events occur. A combination of notification services, contact center support and an agile, global product removal team makes the difference between a successful food and beverage recall and a brand in crisis.

Recall preparation is particularly important for retailers who make their own food under private labels. In the event of a product recall, grocers with their own private labels are held to the same standards as manufacturers. As an experienced solutions provider, Stericycle understands regulatory nuances and provides invaluable insight into the recall process, helping retailers quickly and efficiently execute recalls, while simultaneously protecting their brand.

Recall Management for Manufacturers

As supply chains and industry regulations increase in complexity, food recalls have become more prevalent than ever before. To compete in this ever changing environment, manufacturers need a combination of unparalleled experience, field-based services and data-driven technology. Stericycle provides invaluable expertise and guidance during critical recall tasks such as:

• Satisfying complex regulatory obligations
• Conducting on-site effectiveness checks and monitoring compliance with other product handling requirements through quality audits
• Identifying and notifying affected parties throughout the entire supply chain
• Coordinating seamless communication with all parties through a state-of-the-art communication centre

Retrieval and Quality Audits

When a consumer complains about a serious defect or problem with a product, manufacturers know that a swift response, rapid retrieval of the affected product, and appropriate testing are critical steps in minimising damage to the brand. The Stericycle global field team is capable of mobilising within 24 hours to retrieve products from consumer homes, submit them for testing and deliver replacement products. Our team efficiently removes affected products throughout the supply chain, minimising risk to manufacturers and grocers around the globe.

Quality audit programs can provide critical data points by measuring product quality in distribution, at the point of purchase and at the point of use. Built-in flexibility allows Stericycle to audit specific products and competing brands in retail, wholesale and nontraditional outlets.

Mystery Shopping

Businesses can monitor their competition and keep a close watch on their own operation. While customer experience mystery shopping solutions can verify that operations comply with both internal standards and government regulations, they’re also an important tool for tracking and managing brand perception. The Stericycle mystery shopping services ensure that companies meet their business objectives, unveil their customers’ brand perceptions and understand how employees influence their image.

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