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Avoid Counterfeit Products This Holiday Season

By Mark Buckingham, Recall Consultant

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, January sales… ‘tis the season to grab a bargain. But as shoppers clamber to secure the best deals of the year, careful consideration and research into what you’re actually adding to your basket can go out of the window in the rush to click the ‘buy now’ button before it’s too late.

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Four Steps to Take When a Pharmaceutical Recall is Imminent

By Stericycle Expert Solutions

Even when companies have a robust recall plan in place, preparing for a soon-to-be-announced recall is a stressful event. Companies must act quickly in order to satisfy regulatory mandates and mitigate risk. Here are four steps pharmaceutical companies should take to get ready for a recall: 1. Ensure consignee data is up-to-date This is often one of the largest pain points for pharmaceutical companies in particular.

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Pharmaceutical Recall Complexity Requires Expertise to Match

By Stericycle Expert Solutions

A recent survey found that pharmaceutical recalls are among the types consumers consider most important – the ones most likely to catch their attention. With that kind of interest, it is vital for companies to execute recalls effectively and compliantly.

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Budgeting for a Pharmaceutical or Medical Device Recall

It’s budgeting season, and most leaders are hoping and planning for a banner year. New product developments. Innovative strategies. Expanded market share. Everyone hopes they will avoid any sort of crisis in the coming year, and as a result, few plan for one. But one of the most disruptive crises medical device and pharmaceutical companies will face is also among the most likely – product recalls. Consider this: Preparation is crucial. That includes developing and testing a comprehensive recall plan in advance.

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No longer a ‘poultry’ matter: recalls of UK’s favourite meat at their highest since 2002

By Stericycle Expert Solutions Tags: Recall Index,

Recalls of chicken and other poultry meats are at their highest level since 2002 according to the Q2 2017 European Recall & Notification Index, just as it was revealed that chicken has overtaken red meat as the most popular meat in Britain¹. With traditional ‘meat and two veg’ meals, based on red meat, falling out of fashion and more people dining alone², the versatility of fresh poultry has seen sales soar in recent years.

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