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A Guide to Medical Device Recalls

By Kate Bell, Recall Consultant

All medical devices being used or sold across 33 countries in Europe must have a number of safety certificates, known as CE marks, present to be deemed safe. However, these certificates do not guarantee an item risk-free, and recalls across the medical device market are common, reaching historic levels in 2018. Software issues are the leading cause, with further causes including mislabelling and quality control.

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Manufacturers of Medical Devices Must Be Aware of Hacking Risk

By Mark Buckingham, Recall Consultant

We live in an increasingly connected world. All around us, we have devices that speak to us and to each other – from small items like the mobile phones in our pockets to much bigger objects like the cars in our driveways. We can communicate with our fridges and our thermostats, among a myriad of other household objects. And the trend is only going in one direction – over the next ten years, we can expect to see a dramatic increase in the number of smart devices.

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How Outdated Data Impacts Medical Device Recalls

By Stericycle Expert Solutions

A medical device recall that affects only the provider and physician level sounds like it should be a simpler process than one that impacts the patient level. But these recalls can still involve serious pitfalls, especially when it comes to data – specifically, outdated data. While a brick-and-mortar hospital doesn’t change sites often, smaller clinics and other facilities may move locations much more frequently. And even within hospitals, physicians and other providers transfer or change jobs quite often.

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Budgeting for a Pharmaceutical or Medical Device Recall

It’s budgeting season, and most leaders are hoping and planning for a banner year. New product developments. Innovative strategies. Expanded market share. Everyone hopes they will avoid any sort of crisis in the coming year, and as a result, few plan for one. But one of the most disruptive crises medical device and pharmaceutical companies will face is also among the most likely – product recalls. Consider this: Preparation is crucial. That includes developing and testing a comprehensive recall plan in advance.

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No longer a ‘poultry’ matter: recalls of UK’s favourite meat at their highest since 2002

By Stericycle Expert Solutions Tags: Recall Index,

Recalls of chicken and other poultry meats are at their highest level since 2002 according to the Q2 2017 European Recall & Notification Index, just as it was revealed that chicken has overtaken red meat as the most popular meat in Britain¹. With traditional ‘meat and two veg’ meals, based on red meat, falling out of fashion and more people dining alone², the versatility of fresh poultry has seen sales soar in recent years.

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