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Food Safety First

By Mark Buckingham, Recall Consultant

Contaminated food products are high up on the list of things you don’t want to have in your kitchen, never mind on your plate. So when it comes to ensuring your food is fresh and safe to eat, you do place a huge amount of trust in the producer to have taken every step possible to ensure you meat, fruit and veg is free of any unwanted bugs or contaminants. However, even with the best of preparation, issues can still occur.

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Dairy Opportunity in China – but Food Safety Is Key Concern

By Kate Bell, Recall Consultant

In June of last year, the chairman of Dairy UK outlined some of the challenges facing the industry and also some of the key opportunities. He spoke about a number of priorities outlined, with a key aspect being the promotion of the nutrition and health benefits of dairy foods. Regardless of food type, nutrition and health is paramount in today’s society with more and more consumers determined to make sure their food and drink is contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

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Foot and Mouth Disease – Stericycle Looks at the Lessons Learned from One of the UK’s Biggest Catastrophes

By Kate Bell, Recall Consultant

Almost eighteen years ago, the outbreak of foot-and-mouth (FMD) disease led to the culling of millions of animals and the UK losing billions of pounds. By the time the last case was confirmed, six million sheep, cattle and pigs had been slaughtered. Today, almost two decades on, the cause of the virus remains a mystery, theorised that it probably came from somewhere in Asia and travelled to the UK via South Africa in either catering waste or illegally imported meat.

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Outbreak Highlights Need for Robust Recall Strategy

Contaminated ground beef continues to cause illnesses, three weeks after it was first recalled. Products should be eaten within a couple days if refrigerated, but although the taste may be affected after a few months, it can be frozen indefinitely. That means that, unlike certain products such as the recent romaine lettuce outbreak, illnesses could continue indefinitely too. Of course, the primary concern is protecting the public, and no company wants to see its customers fall ill. It is also a concern from a business perspective.

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British Food Label Recall Alerts Trebled In Last Six Months

By Stericycle Expert Solutions

Statistics from the European Commission (RAPEX) show that the UK has work to do on food labelling and there are concerns following the tragic death of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse that Brexit could increase public health risks posed by mislabeled food. Current EU regulations stipulate that all products containing any of fourteen allergens must be clearly labelled as such on pre-packaged food.

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