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Speed, Innovation, and Defence – New Product Launches

By ExpertSolutions

With one of the biggest consumer tech launches of the year imminent, there’s no better time to reflect on the necessary precautions to protect consumers in the event of a product recall, even with brand new products that have been rigorously tested. Speed to market is a key success driver when launching a new product […]

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Chicken or Egg? Which Came First Isn’t the Issue …

By ExpertSolutions

On the same day we reported the highest number of poultry recalls in over a decade during Q2 2017, the FSA also reported that around 700,000 contaminated eggs have reached Britain. Since late July, millions of eggs have been pulled from the shelves of four major UK supermarkets as they were forced to recall multiple […]

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What We Can Learn About Product Recalls from Mike Tyson

When boxing legend Mike Tyson said, “Everybody has a plan until they get hit,” he meant it literally. But he could have just as easily been talking about product recalls. When a company “gets hit” with word of a serious issue that requires a recall, they will hopefully have a detailed plan to turn to. […]

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No longer a ‘poultry’ matter: recalls of UK’s favourite meat at their highest since 2002

By ExpertSolutions Tags: Recall Index,

Recalls of chicken and other poultry meats are at their highest level since 2002 according to the Q2 2017 European Recall & Notification Index, just as it was revealed that chicken has overtaken red meat as the most popular meat in Britain¹. With traditional ‘meat and two veg’ meals, based on red meat, falling out […]

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Airbags Cause Automotive Recalls to Inflate to Highest Level in RAPEX History

By ExpertSolutions Tags: 2017,

Faulty airbags were a major contributory factor behind another climb in automotive recalls in Europe during the first quarter of this year, according to the Q1 2017 Recall and Notification Index. Conversely, the number of recalls relating to consumer products dropped by a significant 25.4%, indicating that the high figures recorded at the end of […]

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